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Dipsea Capital Chooses FundFront to Broaden Its Distribution


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LONDON – The alternative investment platform FundFront, today announced the launch of its third liquid alternative investment product. DIPC is a unique offering that combines the stability of income investments with growth potential, providing investors with a balanced and diversified portfolio.


DIPC was launched in partnership with Dipsea Capital and is designed to offer exposure to Dipsea’s tactical relative value strategy by trading a basket of short-dated U.S. equity options and momentum stocks. The objective is to achieve the returns of a low-volatility income fund whilst positioning to capitalise on outsized market moves. Dipsea Capital is led by Christopher Antonio, who founded the firm in 2002.


“The recent positive correlation in the 60/40 portfolio mix has raised questions about the effectiveness of this method of diversification. Investors are looking for ways to access alternative sources of returns beyond stock and bond portfolios for true diversification,” said Amin Naj, Founding Partner of FundFront. “We are excited to add FundFront DIPC to our growing line-up of alternative investment products. This product offers qualified investors a simple and easy way to access Dipsea’s sophisticated investment strategy, which previously was only available to the ultra-wealthy and institutional investors.”


FundFront DIPC follows the launch of the IMMS and HACO products earlier this year, in line with FundFront’s objective to bring an elite collection of liquid alternative investments to its platform. FundFront uses a sophisticated evaluation method employed by professional asset allocators to assess over 26,000+ private funds and professional managers. The curated selection gives investors access to the top asset managers and their investment products.


“Market environments like the one we’ve seen in 2022 make it challenging for investors to consistently generate compounding returns. This is part of what makes firms like Dipsea Capital so attractive,” adds FundFront Founding Partner Arman Salavitabar, CFA. “We’re continuing to explore other compelling investment opportunities and are looking forward to expanding the FundFront product platform in 2023.”


About FundFront

FundFront is reimagining how investors discover, access, and transact with alternative investments by putting investors at the centre of the experience: a platform designed to break down entry barriers, creating a delightful investing experience. It is the future of investing in alternatives and a place to discover exceptional opportunities.


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