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Alternative investing
made simple

The simplest way to invest in unique alternative investment strategies at low cost and affordable minimums using your existing bank or broker.

Alternative Investment Platform - FundFront

Alternative investing
made simple

The simplest way to invest in unique alternative investment strategies at low cost and affordable minimums using your existing bank or broker.

Alternative Investment Platform - FundFront

Traditional assets are in decline, it's time for alternatives

At this time of higher inflation, increasing interest rates and volatile markets, institutional investors turn to alternatives. That is for diversification, higher risk-adjusted returns and downside protection. FundFront platform lets you start investing in top-tier alternative strategies alongside world’s leading investors, so that you too can build a resilient portfolio.

Diversify your portfolio 

Traditional 60/40 asset allocation isn’t working. It’s time to add alternatives that have low correlation to broad asset classes for the purpose of effective diversification.

Enhance portfolio returns

Access beyond public market returns. Enhance portfolio performance by adding new sources of returns that are differentiated.

Get downside protection

Reduce portfolio risk and drawdowns. Protect investment capital throughout the market cycle with defensive investment strategies.

Our products

Expertly selected

Invest with confidence knowing that each product on our platform undergoes meticulous due diligence by our investment team.

It's simple

Investing in alternatives shouldn’t be complex and reserved for a select few. We make things simple with easy-to-understand and bite-sized investment products.


Join FundFront

Register for free in less that one minute, no need to complete ID verification or submit any documents.


Explore products

Explore available investment opportunities, compare products and access key investor documents.


Access seamlessly

Buy FundFront products the same way as stocks and ETFs using ISIN number – No paperwork or subscription.

Transparent fees

Our fee is simple, just 0.5% annually.

FundFront fees

A low 0.5% annual fee calculated on a daily basis from the invested capital.

Underlying fees

Include underlying investments' management and incentive fees.

Alternative investing reimagined

FundFront and Haven Cove Partnering to Further Expand Access to Hedge Fund Strategies.

Seeking Alpha

FundFront is Reimagining the Alternative Investing with a New Partnership and Product Line-up.

Yahoo Finance

FundFront Launches Alternative Investment Platform to Simplify Access.


FundFront - Alternative Investing Platform

for wealth advisors

FundFront platform gives you the tools, resources, and support you need to bring alternative investment strategies to your clients. Whether self-directed or managed, you retain full client anonymity and control.

Still have questions?

Who is FundFront for?

We believe everyone deserves to have access to sophisticated investments that help them build a better financial future. Currently, FundFront products are available to Professional, Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors in the UK and Switzerland.

How does FundFront work?

FundFront helps you invest in alternative investment strategies to diversify your portfolio, mitigate risk and enhance returns. We partner with leading fund managers to offer sophisticated investments in a simple, efficient and transparent way.

We’ll ask a few questions when you sign up. Then, we’ll give you access to a curated menu of available investment opportunities with low investment minimums.

For efficiency, our investment products are built similar to ETFs, so you can buy and sell your investment directly from your bank and broker. 

What is the minimum investment?

You’ll find detailed information about each FundFront product and minimum investment requirements in the relevant factsheet. The starting minimum investment is $10,000 for most products.

Who are the fund managers?

Our curated collection of products represents leading fund managers that meet FundFront’s highest quality standards. Each manager on FundFront platform, undergoes a meticulous investment evaluation and institutional level due diligence by our investment team.

What documents do I need?

Unlike traditional funds, FundFront’s investment process is simple and efficient. We do not require any documents or ID verifications. Our products are bankable and can be easily bought and sold through your custodian bank or broker using the ISIN.

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