FundFront is Breaking Down Barriers with Launch of New Alternative Investment Platform


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LONDON – FundFront, a London based FinTech company, announces the launch of its alternative investment platform. Founding partners, Amin Naj, Arman Salavitabar and Dr. Aric Whitewood come from leading financial institutions including J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse with a collective mission: to simplify access to leading alternative investment strategies. With extensive experience across technology and fund management, the FundFront team is set to break down entry barriers to alternative investments.


“When it comes to alternatives, there is a huge disconnect between investors and opportunities due to complexity as well as the lack of liquidity and higher investment minimums,” Naj explains. “Our platform simplifies alternatives by removing these friction points and delivering a seamless alternative investing experience.”


Through their tech-based infrastructure, due diligence capabilities and partnership with high-performing fund managers, FundFront’s product platform offers access to these opportunities directly through bank and investment accounts with up to daily liquidity and low investment minimums. Investors benefit from a high level of flexibility, transparency, and control, enabling them to make their own investment choices, using any combination of products.


“Our ultimate goal is to do for alternative investment strategies what ETF companies did for index investing,” Salavitabar adds, “Investors can browse, research, and select from a curated menu of leading alternative strategies and invest directly from their bank accounts. With the improvement that our products offer across liquidity and access, the entire investment community stands to benefit – from qualified individuals to banks and institutions.”


In today’s environment of high inflation and increased market volatility, a traditional portfolio allocation to equities and bonds may not be enough to achieve long-term investment goals. FundFront’s platform provides investors an opportunity to build a diversified portfolio that reflects their desired balance of profitability, stability, consistency, and control.


About FundFront

FundFront is reimagining how investors discover, access, and transact with alternative investments by putting investors at the centre of the experience: a platform designed to break down entry barriers, creating a delightful investing experience. It is the future of investing in alternatives and a place to discover exceptional opportunities.


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