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A smarter way to invest

Systematic and quantitative investment strategies use advanced technology and rules-based approaches to make calculated investment decisions.


Data-driven investment strategies that profit from persistent and repeatable market patterns.


Advanced portfolio construction techniques that have been designed to provide investors with a statistical edge.


Signals that seek to deliver uncorrelated returns irrespective of broader market conditions.


Embedded risk management measures that seek to limit portfolio drawdown risks.

Systematic Invsting

Powered by data & technology

Investment strategies of the future rely on cutting-edge technological infrastructure with advanced computing, processing and analytical capabilities.

Scientific approach

Underpinned by advanced mathematical and statistical approaches and innovation in risk management methodologies.

Sustainable processes

Rule-based and systematic investment processes to identify repeatable patterns that lead to better investment decisions.

Systematic edge

Financial technology is revolutionising the capabilities in investment management

Research & Development

Applying quantitative methodologies and financial market concepts to big data

Strategy Testing

Extensive testing using historical and simulated trading environments

Best Execution

Sophisticated trading infrastructures that detect liquidity and minimise slippage


Computing power that can process and analyse troves of capital market data

Risk Management

Risk frameworks systematically enforced by rules-based programmes

Enhanced Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence that can adapt models to changing market environments